There's only one way to offer comprehensive recommendations, review every aspect of your business. During our onboarding process we'll dig into everything from order processing and fulfillment to digital marketing, google analytics and conversions. We'll review your entire business from top to bottom and build a complete profile. We'll research your competitors and meet with you to flush out initial pain points you'd like solved.


Initiatives are general projects to improve and transform your business into what you've always dreamed it could be. Initiatives are targeted based on discovery and are designed to strongly achieve client goals. We've worked with online retailers across many categories at all levels and know which initiatives will have greatest impact. These initiatives will be quantified and logged in our shared project management system for reference and accountability.


We'll sort the action items by highest impact and lowest cost to maximize your ROI. Then we'll break down each initiatives into action items that are manageable and help you quantify and schedule them out for your team (or our team, if you've opted for a professional services package).

Strategy and Success

Once we've targeted and harvested the low hanging fruit we'll offer up fresh marketing strategy and fine tuning for continued growth. We'll stay engaged with you via project management software and coaching calls. We're dedicated to your success, and we'll stay with you to make sure you get incredible results.

Lower stress, increased sales, more free time...

Kinda hard to believe, but it's what we do every day with new clients. Contact us for more information on how Sharp Commerce can help you make your online store into a scalable powerhouse your competitors will fear.