How Your eCommerce Store Can Compete with Amazon

7 Ways Your eCommerce Store Can Compete with Amazon

  Here are some tangible ways you can increase your eCommerce Store sales and actually take a chunk of your market share back from Amazon! 1. Brand and Personality Purchasing from Amazon is a plain vanilla experience. Take advantage of this by personalizing the user experience(UX) on your local webstore to excite your customers and…
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Yahoo Store - Aabaco Sale to Verizon

Yahoo Store Owners Left Holding the Bag, Aabaco sells to Verizon

Yahoo is approaching the final stretch in its deal to sell to Verizon. Yahoo announced in July of 2016 they are giving up and selling to Verizon according to Forbes Magazine. Thursday June 8th Yahoo shareholders will be voting on the sale to Verizon and it’s expected to be approved. Yahoo Store Innovation? Yahoo Store…
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ShipStation Official Partner

Sharp Commerce Partners With Shipstation

Sharp Commerce is now an official solution partner with Shipstation! We’ve been recommending and implementing Shipstation for years and are excited to be an official Shipstation solution partner. Shipstation has proven to be a highly innovative company and the integration with Magento is excellent. We recommend Shipstation to all our new Magento and Shopify builds and…
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Magento vs Shopify vs Big Commerce

Magento vs Big Commerce vs Volusion vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify vs Volusion vs Big Commerce There are many flashy ecommerce platforms out there that all brag about their superiority. How to know which is truly best? More appropriately, which is the best fit for your business and what you want to accomplish. I consult with new ecommerce stores every week on many…
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Why Dotmailer is one of our favorite Email Service Providers

Choosing an ESP can be a daunting task. Most business owners have an idea of what requirements they have in mind. Some of the things that you might want to verify that they can offer might include: The ability to send triggered campaigns A/B Testing Segmentation API Integration Reporting Easy to use interface Mobile responsive…
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Facebook Advertising 101

The days of print, radio, and TV as the only options for advertising are over.  Thanks to the internet there are tons of ways to take advantage of having potential customers constantly looking at screens just waiting to see your ads.  Today we are going to cover the basics of one of the best options,…
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Email Marketing Design Best Practices

With overflowing inboxes, it’s important to make sure that your email marketing campaigns aren’t going straight in the trash. Simple design elements will increase impact and ensure that your emails are read. FONT USE GUIDELINES FOR EMAIL MARKETING The fonts you use in your email should be carefully considered. Make sure that you are using…
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Basics of Social Media

Starting a Successful Social Selling Strategy One Step at a Time

When you are on social media to create new business leads, you’re off to a good start for creating a social selling strategy that works. Your goals should be to listen to what your customers are saying and to participate in the conversation. The problem is, you don’t know what you are supposed to hear…
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Why Did I Get Kicked Off Amazon? Dangers of Selling On Amazon 101

There’s no doubt that Amazon will continue to gobble up an incredible chunk of online retail in the coming months and years. Amazon has a huge audience with 54 million users of their Prime service alone! As an e-commerce merchant, how can you best use this channel to your advantage but also protect your company?…
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Stone Edge Multi Record Editor

Stone Edge Multi-Record and Price Update Tutorial

Here is a quick video on the powerful Stone Edge Multi-Record and Price Editor. You can edit just about any inventory field in bulk directly in the table. The Price Editor can also quickly update pricing based on cost or current retail pricing in a few different automated ways. Contact me anytime with questions or…
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Stone Edge Purchasing Video Refills Training

Stone Edge – How to: Purchase Orders and automated purchasing

In this Stone Edge video tutorial I show you the power of the Stone Edge Purchasing module. Many OMS systems have old school min max type purchasing systems but Stone Edge has a really amazing system called Refills. The Stone Edge Refills system allows you to fully automate your ordering by only ordering what’s selling based…
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Magento vs Big Commerce vs Volusion

There are many flashy ecommerce platforms out there that all brag about their superiority. How to know which is truly best? More appropriately, which is the best fit for your business and what you want to accomplish. I consult with new ecommerce stores every week on many different platforms. My experience over the last 10…
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Email Marketing 101 for eCommerce

You’re thinking right now…”I know everything about email marketing”. Just put a coupon code in an email template and send, send, send. Regardless of your email marketing prowess I think you’ll find a few nuggets of magic here in Email Marketing 101. I have been in the business since 2005 and have some tricks to…
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Employee Management – True Employee Ownership Can’t Be Bought

Corporate America loves to build relationships based on the almighty dollar.  Relationships based solely on money are fragile and often short lived. Many recent studies consistently show that employee management motivated by money alone lack longevity, commitment and are fickle.  But your employees come to work for a paycheck right? If you pay them more they…
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Landing Pages – Improving Conversions 101

One of the keys to online retail is having pages that convert. All of your marketing efforts will be in vain if your customers can’t find what they want and get it easily. Your traffic is valuable, respect and funnel customers to appropriate and valuable content and your website and company will certainly jump to…
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Ecommerce Hiring and Building Your Company

I found this insightful article regarding eCommerce hiring and much more in my LinkedIn feed today. Love it! It’s very useful for thinking about long term team building, ecommerce hiring and the related value to your company.  It points out some really key points on building a resilient employee infrastructure for the long haul.  I…
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Tips for eCommerce Startups

Here are a handful of easy tips and tricks for eCommerce startups!  These concepts may sound simple but they are a great foundation to build on.  Although tailored for intermediate and start-ups, I’m confident veteran online retailers will probably find a nugget or two to chew on in this article. Love your customers. Every time…
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